January 6, 2011

Remember the picture of the fuel pickup when we disassembled the car?

Well this is the reason why all the pickups were full of fuel cell foam.

This control is from a DKW motorcycle. It's actually a choke lever, but in the 917 and 908 it's the lever to unlock reverse gear. With this lever adjusted properly the only way to get the car in reverse is to pull up on this little handle.This is done to keep you from finding reverse while racing.

Some of the detail underneath this car wasn't too good, but everything worked fine before the accident.

This is the bottom of the shifter. You can see the fiberglass work in the area is done for racing and not for show.

Early 917 front suspension.

Again, look at the fiberglass work. Not too detailed, but good enough for what it had to do.

Another shot of the wheel well.

Most everybody that races a 917 replaces the original transformers to CDs.

The black things on the firewall are the original transformers. They were the first attempt to a CD.


The fire system was not installed originally, but the rules in '71 and later made them mandatory.

Notice the safety wire holding the handle to the steering column. You normally would grab this handle and pull it down which would loosen the column and then you could slide the steering wheel forward or backward. The safety wire holds it in place. Without it you could imagine if you hit the handle and the steering column came loose in the middle of a turn. Don't need to say any more.

Lightweight gear shift knob. I love it when the Porsche experts know what wood is laminated to make up the knob. I don't really care what kind of wood it is. They are light and look cool and that's all I care about.

The seatbelts are attached to some flimsy aluminum tubes in the bottom of the chassis. How much load do you think it would take to pull the straps out of the car? Probably not too much.

Nothing but business in this cockpit. If you actually had time to look down what would you do if you saw a light? Probably nothing.


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