May 12, 2004

Those of you who have built or rebuilt street or racing Porsches know there is a difference between mounting a headlight or tail light in a fiberglass fender versus a steel fender. I'll take the steel fender any day of the week. To make the fit of these lights look like original is a hair pulling experience. Thank God Andy has a lot of hair. There are no brackets whatsoever in the RATT front or rear fenders. They all have to be fabricated. So, three days later, Martin and Andy have finished fabricating the brackets to hold the tail lights and the rear reflectors in their positions.

The tape is holding a metal tab which will retain the bottom screw for the headlight assembly. This will be bolted to the fiberglass when finished. Don't try to make a fiberglass part for this application. It will never work in a race.

The tape is to protect the paint. The tab on the right is to hold the top of the headlight housing.
It's not wise to use the fiberglass edge to hold the headlight in.

The headlights were one day of fitting. The tail lights and reflector are at about three days.

You can see the brackets that hold the bumper. These brackets are used because of the aluminum cross member. Remember, the cross member is a 935 part and does not use street type parts.

Here, the dash has been installed and Andy is installing the cut off switch in the speaker opening.
This is how the factory installed it.

We are using the 911R type rear window. The louvers will exit cockpit air. We are using the original black molding in the window rubber to give it a more original look.

Always lots of action two days before the first test. Here, Harry is installing the front windshield.
I'm kind of a breast man, so when I saw these two kinky looking objects on the top of the car
(suction cups to install the windshield), I had to take a picture!

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