December 17, 2002

Here is a better view of the roll cage with the body off and engine out.

When the bars are welded, the completed chassis goes to the paint department.

Nascar bars are being installed.

The bars will be just below the doorsill.

A piece of 1/4 inch honeycomb is what the door jam will be made of.

The second bar will be installed after the first bar is fit.

Fitting continues.

Remember how short these doors are compared to the original EVO GT-1.

The GT-1 is homologated with no extra protection other than the "X" bars you see in front of the Nascar bars. The rules state Nascar bars should consist of 4 bars with down legs. The GT-1 is exempt from this rule, but we can fit 2 bars in using the short door. We designed the door to be shorter so we could install at least 2 Nascar door bars which will give the driver added protection.

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