Moroso Fun Day
September 16, 2003

Stephen introduces Mary to Eddie. Yes, you too can own this car through Minichamps models.

Stephen is in the lead cart and Leslie is, as we would say, bringing up the rear
and then Stevie said he let her by......

Mark is giving Leslie a joy ride in the 66 and later poses with our new "star" chick driver. Hey Mark, you know I was the crew chief for Desiree Wilson and Bonnie Henn and if Leslie talked to me,
I'd tell her all the trailer ball stories!

After Peter blew up Martin's go kart, we kept him to pushing only. Ryan says "Faster, for Pete's sake!". Remember, Peter drove with Petty in the G99 to second place at Paul Revere Daytona.
The yellow car is Gary's GT3-R that Orbit Racing prepares.
Gary is always fun to have around because he is non-stop laughter.

Dirk gets his turn with Mark and applaudes the "E" ticket ride.

Mark and Stephen are going to run the G99 at the Daytona Finale, so they took some training laps to keep the rust off. Leslie asks Mark what she has to do to get to drive the Torno 962?
Mark says, no way Les, what if you're faster than me!
All in all, it was a perfect day; the weather, the track time with the carts and the cars,
and above all, the great friends

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