Porsche Transporter Videos #2 & 3
September 14, 2012

After showing Video #1, I stand to be corrected... Seems Mr. Morse last ran this bitch in '98. Mr. Morse said that he ran it once a year to pump the air bags up. There was a leak in the air system that made it list to one side. Part of my deal when I sold it was to replace all the air valves. The only listing the great transporter had after it left us was on the boat to the UK!

The way that Adrian Hamilton (he brokered the deal) found out about my transporter was when we sold him the Gulf sponsored K8 Spyder. Adrian is the one that pretty much collected all the Gulf cars for the ROFGO Collection. I sent him a few pictures of the K8 in front of our Museum building. The building has two front glass doors that ended up in the photo of the K8... In the reflection of the glass doors you could see the Rothman's logo on the transporter. Adrian, being the smart guy that he is, called me and said, "Hey dear boy, we would like to buy the K8, but what's in the reflection of the glass doors behind the K8?". I had no idea what he was talking about so I looked at the picture and sure enough, you could see the side of the Rothman's transporter. At this point, it was not for sale and I didn't even want to tell anybody that I had it. Adrian bugged me for a year and I finally caved. Thank God he got it or else it would still be rusting in my parking lot because the racecars always come first, plus, it was too big to park inside!

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