"The Good Old Days"
Vic, Betty and Gunnar
Photograph 28

This photo was taken August 1994. Gunnar and Daryl Adams are posing with Betty Seinfeld, Jerry's Mother. (Pictured left to right are Betty Seinfeld, Gunnar, Betty's friend, and Daryl Adams). Jerry bought the Miami blue 1966 VW convertible in the background. Because Betty lives in the area, she came with her buddy who said she knew a little about cars. As it ended up, she knew how to put air in the tires and that was about it. Gunnar had a lot of fun showing the ladies around the shop. This Volkswagen was delivered in 100% original condition and the speedometer read only 113 miles. It was documented that nobody had ever sat in the passenger seat and the top had never been put down. I thought it was cool to take video of Betty sitting in the right seat. We gave this video to Jerry with a little story line. I wish I had a copy of the video but we sent Jerry the only one. Months after Jerry got delivery of the car, I got a call from Jerry's assistant that there was a run in the paint in the lower left fender apron. They thought this area must have been repainted until I told them that Volkswagen AG painted VWs as good as any company. The fact is that Karmen Coachworks built the convertibles and their paint jobs left a little to be desired. I hope Jerry kept the run in the paint.

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