"The Good Old Days"
November 23, 2010

"The Salute"
Photograph 41
Palm Beach Grand Prix 1986

Here's my best salute to whoever took this picture. It must have been Sharon. Sitting on the wall right behind me is Danny Ongais right before he unfortunately crashed the car into the wall.

Do I look 24 years older?? I still have hair, although it's mostly gray. At 179lbs I might be 4lbs heavier than the first picture ...better than 20lbs heavier! I'm actually holding the part you see in the first picture which is the left side of the tail from Swap Shop Porsche 962-104. After Ongais hit the wall we only had enough parts to build one tail so I cut a crashed tail down the middle and glued the 2 sides together. Of course I did this between the time he crashed the car (which was in the afternoon) and the first practice the next day (which was the warm up before the race). The sad news is, Ongais crashed it again during the race which ended our day on a sad note for the car, but we were happy that no one was hurt.

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