January 28, 2008

Now I have made all but two headlight covers. These two still have to be painted before installation.

I have made one battery cover for 090 and while I prime the inside of 090's I spray the mold for 068's. Remember, we use duratec as a gel-coat and as a polyester primer. I am waxing the mold for 068's.

Now I am making 068's part using three 3/4 oz mat and one cloth. This part, in most cases, was an ABS type plastic, and they all broke. So, the good ones today are fiberglass, especially because they don't break. We choose to finish the back side in a smooth surface. This makes the part look like an original-made part.

First the duratec, then a coat of resin and one 3/4 oz mat, chased by two more mat and a cloth.

After the part cures, a thin layer of filler to fill in the cloth pattern.

Then the part is sanded and primed. The final coat will be the same color as the cockpit (dark gray).

We needed to make oil tank straps for all three 904's, so Bret has duplicated (even the silly retaining nuts) the straps identical to the originals. These went off to the platers last week.

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