February 23, 2005

Just when you thought you were ready for paint... We needed to install the cable stay for the brake pedal adjustment.

While the mount is drying, we painted the chassis and the foot wells satin black.

We also needed to install the windshield wiper mount, which was made months ago.

Luckily, 090 has index for its bracket. We just copied the measurements.

Andy has taped off the black and we will now shoot the cockpit, 904 gray.

Porsche never took the time for this kind of detail, but we do.

It's not a bad picture, it's why I wear a mask! Especially when I'm not in the booth.

You really feel like your getting somewhere when you start applying the final paint.

Not easy getting under the dash and undoubtedly we will miss some areas, but so did Porsche.

Two different views of before and after.

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