February 15, 2005

I decided to do a few more detail jobs before final paint. One of them was front trunk paint and the other was cockpit texture and paint.

While I am sanding the headlight buckets, Andy is sanding the cockpit.

Andy has got the perfect fingers for the tight corners. Because this will be textured, we use a DA in all the flat areas with 150 grit paper.

Headlight buckets are ready for dolphin gray primer.

I use Wurth SKS rocker shutz. This product is rubberized and leaves a very close texture to the original.

Those of you with 904's, know the texture in an original car is very ugly. We try to paint this texture a little nicer than ugly, but still ugly.

This texture was used to cover up all the joints and imperfections in the cockpit panels. After this is sprayed, it will be painted with a dark gray urethane (flattened).

As you can see, the cockpit now looks like a million dollars, or maybe 75.

More detailed shots.

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