March 25, 2005

A common problem with any 904 is the brass inserts that retain the screws that hold the headlight covers on. After the first cross thread or crash, these tiny little 3mm inserts are history. To make your 904 right, you must replace these inserts. After all the bodywork is finished and the measured height (where headlight cover sits) is correct, we finalize the buckets before the final satin black. The inserts are installed after the first primer, then painted over with the final coat.

068 was in fact, at Gunnar Racing before 090 (even though we're late on both of them), therefore 068 gets final paint first. Now she's on the way to the booth.

All the final paints are applied in the paint booth. Here, the final satin is applied in the headlight buckets. These will be masked off tomorrow and I will start the final block sand for primer, then paint. After this car is painted silver, 090 will take its place for its final coats.

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