April 6, 2005

Now that the final primer has been applied, the tape lines that separate the bottom (already finished) and the primer have to be removed and re-taped with new fine line and sanded with 500 grit paper. The tape lines are strategically placed so you'll never see the paint break between the top and the bottom.

It's too hard to paint the car in one complete spray, but we do like to paint the bottom, (Porsche never did) so we use this method. Porsche only painted what you could see. The side pods got paint and the rest of the bottom was a mist of overspray. Remember, these were racing cars first. These pictures show dolphin gray primer on the left and the first base coat of silver on the right.

Now, the webmaster shoots me while I'm shooting the final coats.

Now the clear is being applied.

The final paint is done.

Detail shots during the de-masking.

The car is de-taped and re-taped so the back satin black can be applied to the chassis and firewall.

Jack is sanding with 320.

Bingo! When this thing dries, it's out of the body shop for life (we hope Mike).

Just because this is ready for assembly, doesn't mean we're going to start assembling 068 because now, we will finish the doors and deck lid, then paint 090. Both cars will be assembled simultaneously. To all the 068 fans...take a chill pill. Assembly will start soon.

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