November 19, 2004

If you saw how we did it on 090, 068 is no exception. The under body on this car was used to make a mold so all these hinge attachments were removed. We are now reinstalling new hardware.

There were no hinges because the hood must have flown off in the accident, so all these parts are re-made to exact specification. What this means is, get the parts to look original and chop em, stretch em, and bend em, so the hood actually opens with the proper gaps.

The brake ducts are removed and repaired, then we will reinstall them. Remember, these original ducts are made of PVC and are very delicate, you've got to be careful installing them.

We repair the ducts with epoxy and 4 oz "S" weave. The resin is colored with white pigment, when the sanding is finished, the part still looks original without paint.

Andy has glued in the 8 mm receivers and is now measuring the hood for the proper location for the hinge base bolts.

Once these holes are established, they are tapped for 5 mm bolts. When we make this hood, we install a 1/4 inch aluminum plate so the threads are in a solid piece of billet aluminum. Porsche only screwed 5 mm inserts into the fiberglass. One hit and these pulled right out of the hood.

Like I said, "cut, stretch, shrink, bend ..., fit".

Bolt the hinges on (after two days of fitting)...

And the hood actually opens! Andy has installed the ducts with a borrowed cooler,
(068 still has no oil cooler), any help?


Real sweet!

Andy is just fine tuning.

A little final work on repairing the ducts. These will not be installed until the car is turned upside down. Next week is Thanksgiving in America and Sharon's and I are celebrating our 30 year wedding anniversary, so it will be a short week at Gunnar Racing. We will still try to flip both 904's next week to start the final preparations for silver paint.

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