November 5, 2004

We've been working steady on the Ol' Robottommobile. Now that the door battle is over (we won!), I do the final bodywork connecting the front to the rear and everything in between. Remember, you need to skin coat at least the top surfaces of any of this old bodywork.

If you look close, you can see a bizillion little craters. These are air pockets in the glass that have to be opened up and filled. Remember that if the sun beats down on these surfaces, the air pockets will expand and cause the paint finish to look like shit. Painstakingly, I use a die grinder with a 1/4 inch burr to open up every single cavity.

Then the skin coat is applied, block sanded, and the tail is fit to the doors and the cockpit.

Nice paint stick seams. The tail is now in the booth for duratec.

The picture on the left shows the area that is normally impossible to paint while the tail is righted. This area is painted first, then the tail is laid down and finished.

The tail is now reinstalled to keep the duratec from the inside of the tail frame. The doors are now seamed perfectly and duratec will be applied.

Another view of the seam work.

It's easiest to paint the duratec on the doors in the cockpit when the car sits in the body shop. The final paint will be applied in the spray booth.

It's 5:00 pm, Friday, November 5th. Feast your eyes Mike!! We're getting closer.

One door I primed completely, the other door will need additional sanding before a complete coat.

A few more pictures...

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