May 11, 2004

Patch and fix, that's all we do.

But patch and fix like original is what we do best.

Here Jack is smearing a layer of black cabosil in all the pinholes and cracks before applying the thin layer of 3/4 oz mat.

When the mat is finished it resembles the chopper gun look almost to a "T".

This will still have a coat of urethane satin black on it. In the old days, they just had regular enamel black, so our paint is a little better than original (way tougher).

The front trunk is now done. Next, I will finish the bodywork and prime the front fenders.

Jack is taking care of the old crash damage under the left headlight . . . a little cabosil, a little glass, a little bondo, and a lot of lovin before I paint.

The pipe in the steering rack area is just for lifting the car. I guess Jack just likes it there. Maybe he'll hit his head and then decide to move it. The other picture shows the bonding area where the mat will join the chassis to the body.

This is the other side. You can see that Jack has probably hit his head and pushed the pipe through to the other side.

These two shots show the final attachment of the nose to the chassis.

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