May 18, 2004

Both headlights have a fresh layer of 3/4 oz. mat. Sometimes, there are air pockets beneath the surface. When the black paint (that these will be painted with) gets hot from the sun, pressure is created in the air pockets and they want to bubble up. These air pockets have to be opened up so they can be filled with filler. We use a die grinder with a pointed burr to relieve these bubbles. Then we
skin-coat the complete bucket before duratech.

The left and right side have both been skinned with a thin layer of filler. Of course, we use the lightweight brand. So, the idea is to make the surface of whatever area you are going to cover with filler, perfect. It is easy to cheat by just using body filler everywhere, including the dents and low spots. Don't be afraid to use this thin layer if you keep it thin. The only reason we keep it thin is weight. On a complete 904, or corvette let's say, you might only add about 10 pounds to the total weight of the car if you use the filler carelessly. A thin layer on a small car should weigh somewhere between 5-8 pounds. Remember, if you use a gallon of filler, you are going to sand off more than half of it.

The first layer of duratech is being applied.

After this layer, the duratech will be block sanded and gray urethane primer will be applied.

You might think we are getting close to painting the final coat of silver. We are definitely getting closer, but we still have the final fitting procedures on all the components before we go to final primer.

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