May 21, 2004

When purchasing 068 from Vasek Polak, the hood was not included, so we make it.

After the molds are waxed, they get the famous coat of duratech. This stuff is remarkable.

Then, two layers of mat on the cross brace and two layers on the hood.

The cross brace popped right out of the mold. Jack is now doing the trim work.

The cross brace is indexed to the hood and then they both get sanded with 36 grit for a better bond.

The hood has a taped edge to keep the mess to a minimum. The cross brace has now got epoxy cabosil applied to the edges. We use epoxy because it doesn't shrink during curing. The factory used polyester. The polyester cabosil shrunk, thus leaving the cross brace pattern in the hood. This adds great character, but it's not too pleasing to look at. You will still see the pattern of the cross brace with epoxy, but not quite as bad.

After the cabosil has been applied, we use anything and everything we've got to hold it down during the curing process.

The mold still has the part in it for the last cure in the sun. The hood ends up less than ten pounds.

With duratech as a primer, the hood will only need one layer of light gray urethane primer and then final paint. The hood is now sitting on 068 waiting for hinges.

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