July 1, 2003

Action 904's. Danny (067), Jack (068), and Mark (119).

Cutting and fitting the floorboard.

When the floor is made, all the cutouts for the suspension pieces have to be re cut and trimmed.

The cockpit seat housing is now fit to the chassis and the floor. Now the rest of the body has to fit around them.

When we made the molds, we left extra material at every seam. The extra material helps when we have a crashed car and are attaching the new parts to the old.

This seam will be cut and fit to original dimensions.

These arrows point to the original seams joining the cockpit to the front nose section. These will be attached with 1 3/4 oz matt (original type construction).

This is the seam between the floor and the left front inner fender.

This is the joining panel connecting the cockpit section to the right front inner fender.

Jack is now cutting the seams where the roof will be connected to the floor via the door jam.

A little saw action.

A nice seam, this will be glassed later.

Jack is using clekos to hold the panels in place.

Bingo cleko!

Clekos are our best friends when we're fitting bodywork.

We have lots of friends.

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