July 23, 2004

Jack keeps on jackin on. "Steady as she goes", I always say. Jack is still fitting, adjusting and final glassing inside the tail. The good news is that this takes a long time for a nice, original looking, and light tail.

Jack is putting the finishing touches on the inner support structure.

A little fitting here and a little fitting there.

Bingo, the latches actually work!

Jack has now removed all the old dead glass off of the left and right pod supports.

When the area is ground smooth, Jack will glue these two pieces back in.

After years of crashing, now the parts will look as good as new.

The final finish is being applied on both the left and right sides.

Now the inside structure is being prepared for duratech.

Duratech has been applied.

The inside brake ducts are easier to finish when they are removed.

Jack has now glued the tail supports in. Believe it or not, the tail is almost finished on the inside.
I get to do the outside.

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