September 10, 2003

Repair work is tough enough to look original, now repair a car that has been cut in two.
Lots of seams to make perfect (original looking).

Jack has done a wonderful job on the door jams. They are still light and correct in size and shapes.

Meaning, when this is all done, the doors still open and close.

The darker gray is pigmented resin and it's where three panels are joined together.

Here Andy and Jack are installing an original 904 windshield, so we know the fit is perfect.

You would hate to find out after the car is painted, that the window doesn't fit.

There are actually three sections that Jack connected. If one of them is 1/8 inch off,
everything else is also off. It is important that all these panels fit.

We are actually borrowing a part from 068 for 119, which is the trunk to cockpit firewall panel.
This part will be used for a mold for future projects.

The floor is finished so we can't leak stuff on it, hence the paper.

Jack is chipping away old cabosil from 068's original nose.

Although this nose was in great condition, the areas where we will re-seam cracked parts,
has to be sanded and ground for lamination.

This is looking up under the windshield apron just left of the windshield wiper motor.
The white panel is the replacement for the part that is missing from the crash.

This is looking down at the same area and it will be bonded on the top.

Jack is connecting the door ledge to the inside fender.

While resin is drying, Jack continues to laminate panels together.
Here he is trimming what he has already laid up, fitting the fender to the floor.

He is now applying the matt texture to the left fender and joining the left door ledge to the fender.

The car cannot be turned upside down at this stage, so Jack works upside down.

The hole for the wire loom will be cut in at a later date.

This is the finished mold (outside surface) for the 904s.
068 and 119 will use this mold for their dashboards.

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