January 18, 2007

These bolt action latches for the tail, just came back from the platers. We had one original one and had to make all the others.
The third set is for 904-119.

Here, Andy is just finishing pulling the wiring harness through the bottom of the car.
Looks like a mess, but Andy knows where every wire goes.

Here's a shot of the headlight and horn harness, which gets held in with the little metal tabs. Andy is just bending a tab over to hold the wire in place. These tabs are not painted, they are either phosphate or black oxide in color, which means a little moisture and they're going to start to rust. This is how they did it...this is how we do it.

When the fuel tank is in, you don't see much of these wires anyway.

Now that the dash is installed, Andy will dunk the gauges in.

He's got the switches drilled through. As soon as I give him the O.K., he'll hook them up. We are multi-tasking at Gunnar Racing right now, not trying to make one customer happy, but all the customers one step from being pissed.

Andy has cleaned up the fuse panel and pop-riveted the wire stays under the dash.

It's back to the suspension. We will hook the emergency brakes into 090 first. Here, the shocks are finished are ready to be installed. These shocks are Koni's, which is why they are black. When the car was delivered, this is what they looked like. When you bought Koni's after market, they would be Koni red.

Suspension is almost completed and the first set of emergency brakes are close.
As you can see, the brake cable is hooked up to the brake shoes.

Everything is a trial fit to make sure all the pieces we made will fit both cars.

The brake discs are machined and ready for paint. If you noticed pictures from 068, these are all done together.

Andy now has the brake caliper on with the rear shock.

Just more shots of the front & rear suspension.

Here are some of the pieces, which are the same for 068.

You've seen these pictures before if you saw the last update on 068. We make multiples of the parts.
Remember, 119 needs an emergency brake too.

It's funny, when these cars were being raced in America, all of these parts were garaged and nobody cared. Boy, do I care today. The time we've spent making these parts is not billed to the customer because I bid the car to be delivered complete. When there's an oversight, I consider it part of the job. I hope the customers consider all the oversights part of the job too because it takes time to do these tedious little tasks. The great thing about my customers is most of the time they are very understanding (was I just kissing their ass?).

Don't know if we've ever installed an emergency brake system in a 904, but boy have we learned to do it now.

There is a boot missing that covers the mechanism inside the handle. I have a used one, but it's harder than Japanese arithmetic. I'll try to get them made, but I bet it will be expensive. Any of you out there thinking you have a few of them, call me on my private phone...ha ha!

Inch by inch, it gets us to the next stage where we have to install the oil tank and the oil lines. And I thought the emergency brake was time consuming! Both the engines for 068 and 090 are built to the pistons and cylinders. One set of heads is finished and the other set is almost done. So, engines are being built while the chassis's are being finished. Thank you for being patient with our updates. We will increase them in the weeks to come.

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