Combined 904 Update
904-068 / 904-090
November 17, 2007

Rennsport is over. It was a long hard 2 years. Some got done, some didn't. That's just the way it works out sometimes.
Anyway, enough of the sermon. Here are pictures of 068 and 090.
We are now on a mission to get these cars done and get them to their patient owners.

So back to the doors...068 had a new set of doors, which were made of fiberglass roving material. This is a woven mat, not like cloth at all. It's stronger and lighter than a chopper gun, but not as light as a cloth door. When the car was purchased from Vasek Polak, these two lightweight doors were included. 090 had original doors, which were chopper gun material made doors. Tons of detail still have to go into the doors to make them ready for texture and paint. These doors were pretty rough, even when installed new on the cars. It's hard to leave all the very bad workmanship patina!

The doors are primed and then textured on the inside.

Here, I am applying the texture and because this stuff dries so fast, you have to pull the tape (that keeps the undercoating off the outside surface) off immediately. If the texture dries, it will harden the edge of the masking tape and you will not be able to pull off a straight detailed line. The texture ends right at the inside of the door edge.

There is a third 904 that got re-done while nobody was looking. So, if you see pictures with 6 doors, you'll know why. Here Bill block sands the final door so I can prime today. The doors were primed with duratec months ago and now we're just doing the final blocking to make sure they are perfectly fit.

Here I am glassing the edge of the 090 hood. When the hood was re-fit to the body, the gaps were a little off, so I re-glassed the edge to make them fit better. Sometimes these hoods fit perfect, and sometimes through accidents and time, they don't fit so perfect. We haven't done one yet that didn't need some sort of adjustment. You can see the glass straps laid out on the hood which will be used for the outside edges.

The doors are in the booth and ready for primer. You can see the polyester filler on the edges of the doors. This is done to insure a nice flush fit between the door and the surrounding area of the cockpit. Urethane primer is now applied. The doors will be final fit and painted in the dolphin gray primer, which is the base for the silver.

We have the column switches for only one of these 904's (090), so we are making two sets - one for 068 and one for my car, 119.
Andy lays the harness out on a bench and measures every wire and also indexes the color codes.

The housings are the same as a middle series (circa 1960-1966) VW bus. This is fortunate for us because with a few adjustments, we can make the exact housing for the switches. The switches are VW also, but we have to modify them to make them as close as original to the 904 switches.

Here, Andy is cutting holes in the 068 dash for the switches. The wires have already been connected under the dash and now Andy will connect the gauges and the switches to all the wires.

090 is already done in this department, so it is easy for Andy to refer to either 904-090 or the secret car, 904-040.

This is the layout and mounting brackets for the electrical relays.

This is what they look like when they are mounted. Andy has been under the dash of 068 for almost a week.

Windshield wipers get rebuilt the easy paint and hardware. We're still missing a motor for 068.

Andy will work on the pedal assemblies for both 904's next week and after Thanksgiving. I will be applying final paint on the doors and hoods next week. We will update these 904's at least once a week until Sharon leaves for our daughter's wedding.

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