January 18, 2008

Now that the transmission has been cleaned, it is now ready for assembly. The lower shifting seal is normally a leaker. Originally, there's a seal and another dust ring seal that's installed so the dirt from the clutch cannot go through the seal and into the transmission. This dust seal is no longer available, so I install two of the normal type grease seals. This does the same thing as the older type dust seal.

When re-installing the intermediate plate, which houses all the shafts and gears, you must measure the sealing gasket and install the same size gasket. These gaskets are made in graduated thicknesses. This is done because the backlash of the ring and pinion is measured incorporating the measured thickness of the gasket. So, if you install a gasket that's bigger or smaller, the pinion gear depth will change, thus making the adjustment not correct.

Well, you'll have to see the finished transmission in the car, because the photos are missing in action. Had to make the linkage for the carburetors because a normal 911 has a different placement of the engine (in the rear). The 904, of course, has it sitting in the middle of the car, so all the linkages have to be turned around. The problem is, it's not as easy as just turning them around, you have to re-make everything.

The arms have to be chopped off and re-welded in different positions, then the whole mess has to be re-plated clear, not yellow.

We're installing a new alternator, but before it gets bolted up, Andy has to make a new wire harness. It's a lot easier on the bench than when installed in the car.

The bracket for the throttle cable has to be mounted to something solid, so I'm drilling and installing 6mm time serts on the side of the fan housing for the bracket.

Now the alternator is bolted to the fan housing. Next, we will install the fan.

This application is exactly the same as a Carrera 6 or a 910 engine.

Bret is putting the fan belt on just prior to installation.

Andy always likes to tape off the engine bay, just in case there is an earthquake.

I'm controlling the jack and the camera.

Nice work boys!

The last thing I'm doing today is making the battery cover, which is at the base of the passenger's feet. Yes, that's correct, the battery is in the cockpit...go figure!

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