May 20, 2005

A week later...Jack and I are still in the _ _ _ _ing spray booth.

I am too much of an anal detail freak, so I give orders to leave one pinhole, but to fill twenty others...to leave one drip and to sand the others away.

I swear to Gosh, I block sanded both these tails a year ago...O.K. maybe it was two years ago (Tom and Mike remind me of this). The bottom line is, they will be nice, they're still pretty light, and they are really pretty. Just think what they'll look like when they get painted.

These photos are not a set-up. You can tell by the different positions that the tails are laying on the tables. I am writing this byline at 4:32pm EST. I will be painting these parts as soon as Jack gets done taping them off.

Got done painting the tails at 5:20pm.

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