June 3, 2005

Those are Jack's hands on the left. Andy had to help us this afternoon so I could get this tail final primed between rain showers.

Last of the blocking...remember that paint stick.

It's 5pm, Friday, and for some reason, it's not raining. It's been raining since last Friday. Painting in the high humidity isn't impossible when you use urethane paint. I should say, priming isn't impossible, but with the humidity we've had, primer has been outlawed at Gunnar Racing since last weekend. Rain is suppose to let up by Sunday, which means I can paint final paint early in the morning when it's only in the high 70s.

While I'm priming, Jack is preparing the tail mounts for both 068 and 090. I will paint black in the morning and cross my fingers the paint doesn't flash over (a foggy dull finish).

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