June 13, 2006

090's doors aren't quite as nice as the new doors for 068, so a week's worth of work later, they'll be ready for primer.

First we remove the old paint by grinding it, then we sand blast the hinges (remember, these hinges are indexed now, so we don't want to take them off), repair the fiberglass cracks, bondo the door up to eliminate low spots, prime with urethane primer, then we'll texture spray the doors.

There are cracks in all the stressed areas. These are easy to fix but time consuming.

I am so happy because I'll itch all night.

Now that the paint is gone, the body work starts.

Had to use the big blaster for these hinges.

A little bit of primer on the hinge so they don't corrode. The door has been repaired and the body work is complete.

Both doors are primed with dolphin gray urethane primer. They will be textured after a final fit.

Andy has been doing the brakes for both cars. These 904 brakes were also updated in the front.

It takes the same big air pressure to blow out the pistons. One of our readers emailed us a new idea...he uses grease from a grease gun to press the pistons out, which is a great idea, but a little messy. It's probably a good way for the home guys who don't have big air to get the pistons out. We welcome ideas from our readers.

Andy always takes pictures for reference reasons, but the customer enjoys them the most. After the parts are cleaned, they head to the plater for coatings.

These are the halves ready for cleaning and assembly.

Andy always lays the parts out for assembly. In this case, some of the pistons had to be replaced.

These are pretty simple.

Two halves are ready for assembly and the brakes are now ready for installation.

Ken Allison has re-made new stabilizer bars and here are some of his product. Thanks Ken! I'll email you later.

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