December 30, 2005

From bad to good. We plate all the black ourselves.

Andy is deep in assembly, now installing the wheel studs. You can still buy these new from your local import parts distributor.

Andy uses the press to install the studs, but a good hammer or a chatter gun will do the same deed. It's just a little on the mickey mouse side to use a hammer.

Andy is pressing in the flan blocs. Note the colors...this is almost identical to what a new 904 upright would look like from the casting to assembly.

These uprights were nice enough that we left the machined surfaces alone. It's not often you can use an upright and not have to media blast it.

Now for new bearings, note the thrust spacer that has the bearing race pressed on it. This is a new part because one of the spacers was under tolerance. We occasionally re-make the spacer so the bearing load is within original measurements. Most people just re-install without measuring and the hub is loose after assembly. This normally won't cause any major problems, but if we have the chance to do it right, we do.

We always use German Kluber grease and new seals, luckily you can still get both of these items.

Andy will assemble the studs for both sets of uprights and apply the brake backing plates and emergency brake shoes.

The final stage to a great looking upright.

Andy now presses the thrust spacer into the hub.


By the end of the day, the four uprights for 068 and 090 will be finished.

Happy New Year!

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