April 25, 2003

Jack is making two replacement fenders for the crash damaged fenders that still exist on the car.

I made the molds years ago from original replacement fenders.

One fender will utilize the headlight bucket and the other (this one) only needs the center section and wheel arch.

This is the one that needs the wheel arch.

This side needs less in the center, but needs the headlight bucket.

I'll be stripping the tail in the next few days, but you can see the infamous 904 broken grill. The arrows point to the missing piece that would be bolted through the bottom hole. We will make the new piece, weld it to the existing frame, and re plate the grill frame.

Rest in peace Rudi Klein, we'll take care of your old car.

Rudi raced in the SCCA on the west coast. Jeff Kline did the driving. Jeff raced at the Daytona 24 this year in a Mossler. He is still quite fast for such a young guy!

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