April 28, 2003

This weekend I stripped the tail and gave it a layer or two of strength on the deck.

This is the right air duct. There is no red paint under the white and silver paint, which tells me that this side was crashed.

As I ground more paint off, I could see the duct was actually deformed and below the duct was major crash damage.

These are pictures of the left air duct. It is in perfect shape.

You can see where the tail took the shot. The dark spot in the photo on the right is a repair done from the inside. The dark color is paint that is on the inside.The repair was done right over the top of it.

Now that I've cut the duct off, I can see why it was distorted. This repair left little to be desired.

These are better shots.

This is the deck of the rear tail. After the paint was removed, repair was needed to raise the sag that was in the middle.

In the photo with the arrows, the lower arrows point to where the Porsche emblem was. These were removed because a duct tail was installed. The upper arrow points to another set of holes that were filled up with filler. I think these holes were for a later style Porsche emblem. They were filled before the car was painted white. The bottom holes were never filled.

I had a blast this weekend, literally!

I sand blasted each wheel well, the steering rack cavity, and under the dash and floor board.

Itch, itch, itch!!

When the car is upside down, working under the dash and the pedal area is way easier.

The picture on the left is the right door hinge post. When sandblasted, it was easy to see the damage on the right side of the car. The photo on the right shows the new Gunnar beach!

To get the tail "un warped" I stuck various sticks inside the trunk to boost up the deck lid. I then layed two layers of matt and walah!

After sandblasting and grinding all the excess dead and crashed fiberglass from the inside of the front fenders, I needed to prime before rust set in again.

The left photo shows how clean the fender well is after seven hours of blasting and grinding. The right is the pedal area after blasting. Remember, it's upside down.

This is the passenger side. There is still glass work to be done.

The windshield wiper bracket needs no repair.

This morning we made a new duct from Mike Robottom's tail. Our mold isn't handy, so we just splashed one up.

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