May 5, 2003

These are crummy shots, not the picture, the glass repair.

We will grind these back to an original shape and then re strengthen them for the original look.

I spent all weekend blasting again.

Different shots.

The chassis was in real good condition (no big crashes and no rust).

It will be primed with black primer.

It would be difficult to get these areas blasted and painted if the car were right side up.

Getting the paint gun in these nooks and crannies is a little difficult, but way easier than the car being right side up.

All the fiberglass was blasted to make adhesion good for the detail layer of matt.

Next, all the fiberglass was taped off so it didn't get painted. The tape will stay until the final coat of paint is on. The chassis will be taped off during the last layer of glass.

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