May 12, 2003

With one headlight bucket removed from a crash, and me cutting the other one off of the fender, this is what is finally exposed.....a lot of crap!

These are pictures of all the glass that was applied right over paint.

The good news is that some of the glass peeled off.

The bad news is that most of it didn't. I started grinding at 11:00 am on saturday and finished at 6:00 pm. A whole lot of itching going on, all weekend!

The picture on the right is the headlight bucket that I cut out, but I left the brace so we didn't loose index.

Here is the bottom side of the bucket which has been repaired a few times.

These panels will all be ground smooth and re skinned.

This is looking down under the headlight. There was an inch thick of resin on the downhill side.

All the panels are pretty busted up, but fixable.

You can see the thickness of resin.

These areas have seen the first grinding which cleans up the surface.

These pictures were taken to index the wire straps.

Both these structural panels needed repair.

It's about 5:00 pm and I'm getting close.

090 is ready for a front truck re skin.

But first, repair work has to take place. The right headlight bucket got slammed in the big crash and the left headlight brace was busted too. You can see the clay in place to shape the new piece.

The right fender has been re skinned and looks marvelous.

Bingo!! Came in at 4:00 am got done at 8:45 am. This was one big layup.

In re skinning all these panels, you not only have to lay the matt down, but there are matt patches that hold all the panels together. These are installed at the same time for original looks.

Jack is finishing the blasting of the tail. Only a little more work and it will be finished on the inside, maybe by tomorrow.

All the surfaces are blasted clean and now we just have to do detail work.

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