May 19, 2004

To finish the wheel wells, there were a few more repairs and glass jobs we had to do. One of the repairs was this burnt brake cooling duct. When the car was crashed once, it hurt the front left suspension. This was fixed at a race track or in a shop in a hurry. In doing this, they burnt the back side of this duct, kind of repaired it and pop-riveted it back on.

When we saw the duct off, we could see the metal union that held the two parts together. In the picture on the right, you can see where the fire had burnt a hole in the duct and the Mickey Mouse repair job.

We have the pvc to repair these ducts, so we did. These ducts were originally held in with one layer of mat at the body seam, but they constantly broke. These ducts had been re-skinned with mat to keep the strength in them. We will normally re-skin these ducts the same way if the car is being raced.

Jack is doing the detail work in the steering rack cavity so we can prime this area when we prime the wheel wells.

The inside fender is now repaired and prepared for primer.

Jack is doing the last chassis attachment to the body on both the left and right side.

The top of the fender is now skinned, which matches the other side that was done in a prior update.

Jack will sand, Kevin will paint.

Jack is sanding, Kevin is painting.



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