May 15, 2004

Catching back up on 090. After repairing 090's dash, Jack is doing the final fit. This will be glued in when the car is righted. Mark spent his last days at Gunnar finalizing the metal work on the rear tail support.

The final pieces are welded in. These areas on 904's are always damaged from careless floor jack jockeys.

The center structure fits perfectly.

The area where Mark is welding was definitely a weak link on 904's. The tail was just too heavy and made too much down force for the rear structure. In a perfect world, this structure is a little less than adequate.

I am using this pattern of the front wheel arch from 904-068 because this car had never been damaged in this area. On 090, the wheel arch on both the left and right side were heavily modified (flared fenders). While we repaired the car, we replaced a lot of the front fenders, so a correct fender opening had to be remade.

When I replaced the fenders, I left the edges long so I could add the 14mm edge which gives the fenders strength. Here, the pattern now fits the arch perfectly.

Tape is applied to create a ledge that I can brush with cabosil and then add four layers of mat to make the perfect lip.

The picture on the left is the headlight opening, which was damaged from one crash or another. Although it looks a little rough, the shape is now perfect and the hole will be cut out after the fender is painted.

A skin coat of filler was applied and then sanded before the texture (mat) and joining straps were glued inside the fender.

The frame is roughed up so the mat strap that attaches the bottom to the frame will actually stick. The picture on the right shows the 1-1/2 oz mat that finishes off the inside of the fender. The driver's side will be done next and both fender arches will be primed black.

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