June 18, 2004

Trying to get 090 caught up with 068 so the cockpit is being restored first (for duratech primer).
This picture shows patches for all the holes that were drilled in the firewall over the years.

The shiny spots are covering holes and the slot for the seat belt shoulder harness.
This car will receive double harnesses.

Jack and I have sanded our fingers to the bone, but as you can see...well worth it.

More shots of the dash area. Way easier doing the finish work under here before we install the dash.

Finishing the firewall bulkhead requires more grinding and more replacement of cracked up fiberglass.

Every little corner needs hand sanding and repair. The little brown spot in the picture on the right is probably an original drip of resin from when the car was built. We will have to grind it off because we will recover this area with mat (for the original strength and look).

Just more pictures of repair work.

Jack is putting the finishing touches on the front structure (hood latches) so it can be primed.

Detail work has been finished on the luggage structure and is ready for primer.

This is a repair around the license plate light. All the small cracks have to be repaired with glass because body filler will not hold them together for the long run.

For some reason, somebody had chopped out the area on the side of the deck lid hatch.
This needs to be repaired.

A little grinding, a couple layers of material...bingo!

Jack has got the tail masked off so I can apply the duratech.
The picture on the right is the start of the driver's side headlight repair.

This is the passenger side that I cut out to rebuild. I will repair and replace next week.

Detail shots of the damage.

The bucket has been ground down to original glass and repaired.

After refitting the headlight bucket, I'll cover the inside with a layer of mat for strength and texture.

The inside of the tail is now primed and will be sanded later in the project for final paint.

This is the brake duct on the inside. Note the hole...this was done by many of the teams to guide additional air to the carburetors. It's not original, but most everybody did it if the car was raced.

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