July 30, 2004

Jack is pulling double duty while I'm working on the 906.
Here Jack is preparing the dashboard for installation.

The dash needed repair after being knocked loose in one of its crashes. The one mold that we didn't have for a 904 was the inside structure which retains the gauges behind the dash. Now that the mold has been made and the dash is repaired, Jack is gluing the dash in with epoxy cabosil. Remember, when you are just using cabosil to join two parts, epoxy is a little stronger than polyester.

Sticks and stones...that's what we use to keep parts in place while gluing.

The best spreader is the index finger. We will not restore the outside of the dash because it still retains the original paint and build number. The car was delivered in signal red but most of 090's racing history was when the car was painted silver. The owner wants the car painted Porsche Silver.

These are the two seams that connect the dash to the "A" pillar. Normally, cabosil is the only bonding between the two panels. We use epoxy cabosil and a couple layers of glass. This makes the mounting of the dashboard more structural to the car. It might add some safety too. The dash cover will naturally cover all of these areas.

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