August 25, 2004

Jack is now gluing the underside of the dash. This will be done using a layer of cloth for strength and a mat for the finish.

Jack also installed the windshield wiper mount, which was indexed before it was removed from the car and re-indexed with clecos upon gluing. The picture on the right is the front cooler cover mold (undertray). Duratech has been applied and the part will be made next.

The oil tank is in pretty good shape, but notice the wood spacers. Wood was used to center the oil tank for the mounting strapsand the felt was applied over the wood to keep fretting to a minimum.

We are very happy the way the next 6 cylinder header system has turned out. We use Carrera 6 headers from the engine. We make the collector (3 into 1) which connect the cookie cutter extractor (tail pipes). The pipe hanger is fabricated to pick up the bolts in the transmission tail housing. The cones, which house the super trapps, bolt right to the end of the pipes. All of the 6 cylinder 904's will receive this header package.

The following photos are from the header installation on 904-067.

The super trapps are used instead of a sport muffler mainly because they are 1/8th the weight. They sound really great and they don't rob the motor of much horsepower.

The fit is close but clean. The look is even better. The application of the super trapps is simple...super trapps on - drive it on the road - super trapps off - drive it at the track. This takes about ten minutes....way too easy!

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