September 22, 2004

Back to the bodywork on 090. The air scoop was so badly damaged from one of the crashes, that I removed it and made a new one. While the scoop was off, I did a little bodywork on the inside to save time and knuckles.

After the cover was glued on, a little bodywork and this brake duct is ready for paint.

Remember, on these old bodies, if you can give the surface a layer of filler, your paint job will turn out better in the long run. The air bubbles under the surface (if the top layer is thin from grinding) will make blisters under a thin layer of paint. The filler makes an insulated barrier which buries the air cavities.

All smiles because after a week of filling and sanding, the body gets its first layer of duratech.

Through all the years of grinding, the roof has gotten too thin to be stable, so I re-glassed a layer of ounce and a half mat to strengthen it up. This layer will be covered with filler and then primed.

Again, all the old paint must come off during this process.

Here I am final sanding the surface with 80 grit paper.

Ready for duratech and spraying.

You must wear a mask in an unventilated area because you can't breathe this stuff too often.

Now that 090 is in duratech, Jack and I will work on details for glasurit primer part time because I will be preparing 068 just as I did 090 for duratech.

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