904 Floors
April 4, 2003

To get proper floors for 904-119 and 904-068, we are going to use 904-090 as the plug.

But first, we have to restore it.

Which is good news for everybody!

So this means picking the pace up on all three restorations.

In all these pictures you can see areas of hard racing use.

The gray in the middle is original, the red is over spray from the second coat.

There must be 50 areas that need repair.

To repair the cracks and rivet holes, you have to grind at least half way through the panel to build it up to original thickness with new glass.

The arrows point to the original 6 mm studs that attached the floor to the chassis.
This gives us perfect index marks.

There isn't an area on the floor that doesn't need repair.

We will make the mold of the floor next week.

Two more pounds of crap ground off the bottom.

The floor has now been repaired and the coating you see is body filler, filling in the million pinholes from grinding.

All three 904s are in this picture.

I don't think anybody has a proper floor mold, that would actually make parts for customers.

All the areas in the next pictures need attention, so the mold makes original looking parts.

Another detailed picture of an area that needs to be saved.

This floor panel has been knocked loose from various crashes. I will remove it, restore it, and make a mold of it because we need this mold to finish our 904 projects.

Here is one of the jack spur holes restored to the original shape.

The panel has now been removed. The metal of the chassis in this area is in perfect rust-free condition.

This panel is actually one piece, but had to be cut out in two pieces.

I'm holding one of the glass straps that had popped loose.

You can see the cut. The panel will go back in whole because the glass in the area will be removed before reassembly.

When the floors are complete we will start gluing the bodies on the other two cars.

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