904 Floors
April 7, 2003

Because of hard racing use and a few good crashes, there are cracks everywhere that need to be repaired.

The arrows point to sheet metal screws because the last time the car was raced it crashed. The mechanic just screwed the fender to the lower nose piece.

Still don't know what this hole was, but we filled it up. The other hole is for the horn.

This brake scoop is actually PVC plastic. It succumbed to a crash and had a fiberglass matt dressing poured on it....some fix!

The areas that appear to be wet, were ground to bare glass and repaired with matt.

This is the front left fender that was screwed on. We'll glue the fender back on after it's repaired and the car is turned back upright.

Pretty ugly, but we do know what the original shape is.

More patching going on. You can see the front has been completely ground to bare fiberglass.

The front leading edge also needed repair. Note: the stick, this holds the nose up in place while the repairs are going on.

Fiberglass is a great material, but boy does it break when it's hit.

Back to original shape.

The black is actually paint from the inside, then covered with matt. I ground it down right to the paint from the outside, thus getting rid of all the fatigued glass. It's been covered with two layers of 1 1/2 oz matt.

All the repairs are done and sanded to a nice finish.

The next step will be filling in the imperfections.

This is where bondo becomes my buddy!

These brake ducts will be remade after the bottom is painted with duratech.

These are the two index bolts which also hold the back of the underbody to the chassis. These were in need of major repair.

Sweet!! Ready for duratech.

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