January 6, 2011

The boys are hard at it. Andy has the rear stabilizer bar ready to install.

In this picture it has been installed with all the proper hardware.

This is the long shot. Most everything back here is finished except the shock absorbers.

Another view of the rear bar and suspension.

Here the vent tank is installed. Notice: it looks like a water bottle from an early 911... That's because it is.

Lower Bosch headlights are being installed.

The green tape protects the area that we are working around.

George Costanza now has some competition. Look how pretty Andy's hands are..... Errr...Uhh.... I mean the blinker light.


Double sweet!

Now we're trying to assemble enough parts to make the top light "official". The lights and the parts are kinda rare.

One factory defroster vent has been installed. The other is being installed as I type this.

Andy shoots Bill. Kevin outta shoot the both of 'em!

About 322 days later, the doors fit, hinge, and open with a push button just like their big brother the 910.

The button is actually used right up to the 917. It's a 1961 VW deck lid latch button. The 962 used the same one on the door, but there was an option with a key so you could lock it. When you bought a new 962 it came with keys for the doors and the keys were the ones with the VW insignia.

Here's the original aluminum bezel that retains the seal for the shift rod.

Bingo! This is what it looks like minus the shaft.

Andy has all the shock absorber spacers nicely polished.

Here are the springs and spacers. All we need is the shocks which have been out for rebuild for more than 3 years.

We make a spacer for the original Nadella axle that makes it possible to use a constant velocity joint. We use an axle from a 1968 911- you can still buy them new.

The gear box has been rebuilt and is ready for installation.

Here are the transmission mounts and instead of using rubber for the flanblocks we use soft Delron. It's a little stronger and better than the rubber.

Installed on the transmission.

Now the transmission is fitted to the chassis.


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