February 23, 2011

Making chicken shit into...


Chicken salad!

This is the oil pickup for the oil tank. We didn't have one so we made it and now it's plated.

Detail, detail, detail.

Now you can see why it's so wacky looking.

Can you see it in there somewhere?

Here's a little better view. I wonder how hot these pipes make the oil, but that's how they did it!

More restored parts.

These are the clutch linkage pivots.

This strange looking thing is the clutch cable bracket.

Here's the clutch mechanism installed on the bottom of the transmission.

If you look closely you can see the clutch cable bracket.

To help save the undertray from the heat of the exhaust pipes we cover the area in a heat guard material.


This does save the paint and the fiberglass.

You can see the headers that ride inside. One of the reasons the undertrays were taken off was because they fell apart from the heat.

For some reason, 906s did not have an oil pressure gauge so we install them. For all of you purists that don't think they should be in there, tough shit.

Looks good to me!

I'm out sick so Andy took over for this engine start. He did okay....okay....okay.


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