November 17, 2010

The end of this steering column has a quick disconnect to remove the steering wheel. We're not putting it back on.

In this photo Andy has the column disassembled ready for rebuild and repaint.

Some of the parts from the sliding column.

Actually, if the owner still wants the removable hub installed we will. The tube is the white German Kluber grease that we use for many components on the car.

Bingo! Sweet!

Some of the rebuild brake parts.

Andy has laid out the clear tigon (clear plastic hose) that will be slid over the brake line. Porsche did this to protect the brake line from anything that might rub on it, smash it, or just corrosion.

Andy uses air pressure to fill the end of the hose which expands it and then it slips right over the 6 feet of brake line. When it is installed it is tight to the pipe.

Andy is flaring the ends after the hose is installed.

Here is one of the lines installed at the transmission mount for the rear brakes.

Here's the master cylinders being plumed. All the lines receive the clear hose.

This is the brake line coming through the firewall to feed the rear brakes.

This is the line in the cockpit. All 906s had the same line.

Another shot with Andy' hand. George from Seinfeld asked if Andy would be his backup hand model.

Looks cool when it's done.

You can notice the firewall electronics. The hump in the doorsill is clearance for a chassis tube on the other side.

Bigger shot that shows the steering rack installed with brakes lines and the brake reservoir feed lines.

Note the handle hanging from the top of the picture. That's the part you grab to loosen the steering column. It's normal position is folded back.

The rear engine bay - Sweet!

Finished after Andy trims the tie wraps.


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