January 6, 2011

The "R" is back on the table because there are still some rust issues that arose from the fire. The tunnel got cooked in the fire so all the paint was burnt off and then the car sat and rusted in places you'd never think.

Like these spots which have been cut from the original tunnel.

Part of the seat mount got the swiss cheese treatment.

The replacement pieces are being metal finished back in the original tunnel.

Same thing is going on here.

One part done.

Next part done.

Tunnel almost done.

As soon as the welds dry we will prime it. Haha, welds don't dry!

Bret's trying to get in the hand modeling competition with Andy.

I keep telling him to stick to welding.

The center of this shock beam was too pitted from rust so we cut it out.

Here it is waiting for paint.