Martini RSR Conversion
November 19, 2002

Alex did the final sand so Kevin could paint it last night.

Remember that this is the Martini RSR Turbo (1973) and the first turbo charged 911, it had a special magnesium transmission. Note: the special cutout for the shifting coupler.

This shot shows the original Martini stripes underneath the primer on the rocker panel. The car was stripped completely, but we saved these original stripes because someday they will prove who knows what!

The masking tape will be removed, the center floor will be masked off, and we'll final paint the wheel wells and engine bay on wednesday.

The arrows point to a panel welded in by the factory for extra strength (probably because of the extra horsepower and speed).

They were installed on both sides.

Here is a picture of the rear, which is also ready for final sanding and paint.

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