Porsche Kremer 935 K3 - Crawford
June 1, 2007

I am showing you all these pictures of the repair work on 011 because if a 935 was ever raced, it got beat to shit like this. These cars have been restored mechanically, but the old tub never gets the real treatment.

Every bracket that holds anything has to be repaired or replaced.

All these pictures show you how many brackets there are.

See that porta-power? That's moving the front pick-up point about 3/16". The suspension can be adjusted right through the bent chassis, so most of the time, no one really knew how bent the car was, because you can adjust the ride height through the 4 corners of the car. Now, sometimes the corner weights might be a little difficult to get adjusted properly, but most of the guys who drove them wouldn't know the difference anyway.

Still patching cracks, still repairing metal.

We're talking weeks and weeks of work...or should I say months and months...O.K. O.K....years of work!

So to cover up this hole, which was a stress riser for this nice sized crack, a piece of aluminum was pop riveted over it.

Here's our Wyotech mechanic who we called Devo....trust me, it was fitting. He could have been the lead singer, but not because of his voice. He had the look and the glasses.

The porta-power has been our best friend in this project.

This is the area just above the axle. When you lower the car and hit a good bump, this area gets walloped by the axle. Both sides had to be re-adjusted and new metal was installed for strength.

The picture on the left is an area that retains a dzus button spring. When the car gets hit, or even bumped, it always takes out this corner.

We have to cut the metal out, re-weld in a new piece, and drill the new hole for the dzus button. This will happen again if the car is raced a lot, but the owner can deal with that when the time comes.

We try to metal finish all these welds. With a little bit of filler and primer, these areas will look as good as new.

Welding, fixing, repairing everywhere.

This is the other side.

The clock keeps ticking...

Here, an air jack mount has been replaced. On the right, another garbage hole where the roll bar brace was mounted.

The welded area is the replacement of the metal where the roll bar down tube mounts to the chassis. This area would be the apron where the speaker tray would be under the rear window. You can see what it looked like from the other side, which hasn't been repaired yet.

Now the driver's side has been replaced. I wanted the shot on the right with Devo cutting some metal because he's wearing the Rennsport II shirt from Daytona. This might be the last picture we have of Devo because he went back north.

So, this is one of the John Fitzpatrick, jDavid paint schemes. The car will be similar in livery when we're done.

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