Porsche Kremer 935 K3 - Crawford
June 21, 2007

Work continues...and continues...

Looking at the bottom, I'm thinking I never should have taken this job...

but as I always say..."No job too small".

You can see the signs of the blue paint everywhere.

We have to repair every piece of metal that's joined together.

Remember, it all has to fit...all the parts that came off the car have to go back on the car.

Sometimes you get finished and you discover that a hole in a panel, or a dimple in an area behind something is really a dimple that needs to stay. Sometimes we knock the dimple out, thinking it's a dent, and it's actually clearance for some part that was added at a later date.

We've been working on 935's since they were 934's and we know all the in's and out's to the way Porsche made these chassis's. But, when you get someone who starts tricking them out, and then the car is delivered to you in a basket (with only a few pictures), even we have to play the guessing game sometimes.

But you can see some of the panels are so crushed from so many off-road excursions, that we have to cut panels, straighten everything out, de-rust, re-prime, and then weld in new metal so it all looks new and safe.

Here, the rockers have been opened and will be closed by the next update.

The owner of this car can't understand why this job wasn't done in two weeks.

I told him it would take at least two months....ha ha ha ha!

Here, we measure all the stickers that came off the car to document sizes and colors.

Glass work starts, because of course, all of it was in the condition that normally you would throw away.

We save everything, because an original door, re-done, is way better than a new door that's made today.

The problem is...it could take weeks to repair the doors alone.

These are the running boards, which are actually part of the ground effects (underwings). They are just as beat up as everything else.

Here, Jack starts the process grinding away all the broken and shitty past repairs.

Sanding, grinding, re-glassing, filling, sanding and grinding...

Panels are being welded into the rockers now.

I'm thinking...will this project every end?

And...we haven't even started to paint yet!
For all our other customers...the photos from this update were from a year ago and we are working on all our other projects for Rennsport. We will update as soon as we have the time to get everybody up to speed.
Thank you, The Upper Management

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