1973 RS Carrera
November 05, 2010

This is my car, and I want to work on my car, so I am.

The car sat for 29 years. The fenders were purchased new from Porsche in 1983. The old fenders got misplaced.

Although the odometer (km) reads 91,000. In some areas it was in really great shape and in some other areas not so great.

The fender is prepared for sandblast and then black primer.

I stripped the data stickers and went to bare metal.

There were a few rust spots in the front suspension beam, but everything else was really sweet.

The roof was stripped to bare also because I can't bare to have something blead through from the bottom up. Remember: black paint gets real hot.

Cory is inside de-painting. I know, it all gets covered up but it's the only way that I know it's perfect.

Not all RS Carrera's had the RSR torque tube brace, but this one did.

Here's Cory removing tape after undercoating.

A little seam seal action at the top of the fender.

This car did not have undercoating on the bottom, but of course being a touring car it did have undercoating in the fenders.

The original tar-pad for the floors is completely original and was in really nice shape so I left it alone. You cannot duplicate this procedure.

Here I am seam sealing where we removed it during the strip job.

After the seam seal, the cockpit is primered and you can note the black highlight for the seat and seatbelt pickups and the tunnel.

Dash is ready for final paint.

Final paint.

Front trunk is ready for primer.

Some of the components are primed. Note: we do use tinted primer. That's why they're black.

Baking in the sun after the first primer. We do this bodywork so the primer can shrink and do what it wishes while we strip the car and put it in the rotisserie to do the bottom.

Final paint has been applied and the car is waiting for assembly.

Another view.

And again. Updates next week of the assembly!


By the way, this is one of thirty something black RS's painted.

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