1973 RS Carrera
November 12, 2010

Here are some of the parts as we got them.

This is the emergency brake handle.

The underside.

And the re-done side.

Pretty ain' t it? Even though you'll never see it.

Here's the pedal assembly. Yuck!

Double yuck!



Nothing that two days won't cure.

Brake disk has to be repainted, even though they come painted.

The disk has been masked off and painted with glasurit.

We have to keep the emergency brake surface free from paint. If you paint it and you put the brake on when it's hot, the shoes will stick to the paint, thus creating problems.

Steering rack out, apart, cleaned, replated, repainted, and then reassembled.

Assembly of the front suspension takes place on the bench. It comes out in one big piece so we put it back the same way.

Fuel pump has been restored and is ready for installation.

Front suspension has been hung. New Bilstein inserts and new bearings.

Oil lines installed to thermostat.

Everything has been rebuilt in here too! We choose North Hollywood Speedometer. Hartmut has done our gauges since the beginning of time.


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