1973 RS Carrera
December 14, 2010

The assembly continues...

Now down to the detail stuff. The good news is, you can still buy these nice factory chrome pieces (bright aluminum).

Sure looks nice when it's finally assembled.

I think I talked about the fact that all you can do to a plastic tank is clean it. You get whatever it looks like after the process.

You can buy the grill and the screen for the air box vent but they are not correct so we save all of the old ones and have them all re-anodized and pick the best ones out of the batch to install. We're still waiting for this last batch!

I was able to use the original bumper decos for both the front and rear. I bought new moldings and base rubber from Porsche.

Interior looks pretty sweet. Thank God you can still buy these dumb flip out door pockets.

The drivers arm rest is about the most imperfect part on the car right now. I'm looking for a perfect one to replace the one you're looking at.

Passenger side seems okay. Door pocket opens nicely.

The engine is missing a few stickers and a clamp here and there. We will tune the motor just before the new owner gets it ....whoever that is.

Papita seat inserts are so cool. Tony at Autobahn is the master!

Tony also makes the carpets.

I love the combination.

Looks like it's Factory new!

Remember the 5 grills to get one??

Waiting for the rear bumper decos which had a small flaw in each one so I sent them back, oops.

You gotta love the red Carrera on a black RS!

And if you don't ...tough shit!

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