1973 RS Carrera
November 17, 2010

As it gets closer to finish, it gets better to look at.

You can clean, spit shine, wax, seal, or repaint a plastic tank, but unless it's new it still kinda looks like shit, but this shit's original.

I chose the sport shocks because they were an option.

We even love the detail.

Engine is in and if anybody notices there might be one data sticker too much!

The underneath is as good as it gets excluding the muffler which was installed so we don't leave heat marks on the new muffler that will be installed. Yes, we have started this baby and will tune it and then remove the muffler and install the new one.

Cockpits waiting for seats and door panels.

Door panels will go on last.

These are the original seats with the original material and no we didn't rebuild them. I had another set and I really love hounds tooth so I had Tony Garcia do them in the hound.

Gotta love 'em!

The royal rear window fight!

It takes 6 hands to handle the installation of a 911 rear window.

Sometime a window has to come in and out 5-10 times to make sure the rubber finds a happy fit.

Plus, include the defroster wires. This is quite a job and I never wish it on anybody. To do it right could actually take one man 2 days to install.

I bought 5 grills and including the original grill that adds to 6 which were all re-anodized. I ended up using the original grill because the others had one tiny problem or another.

Front windshield. Two guys, two hours, done.


Next update will be interior done, front & rear trunks done. We are now just waiting for wheels. Oh yeah, the Carrera script and the wheels are red.....Sweet!

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